Since 1992 Future Security Company s.a.l has delivered a wide range of security services across Lebanon such as guarding, training and other security services. Our Security packages are designed with respect to our customers’ specific needs. When we provide our services, we take the time to understand such needs and the customers’ environment and undertake a full risk assessment to ensure that our security solutions will fit their requirements.

  • Future Security implements stringent training for its entire force, nearing of 1000 GUARDS and covering the country 24 hours, 7 days per week.
  • Because there is no one-size-fits, our management team has the required experience to give you the best possible advice and the knowledge to recommend an unequalled security solution for your unique needs.

Stationary Guarding

FSC provides guarding services to commercial & residential buildings, villas, schools, compounds, banks, public entities, other sites, and events as well (fairs, large receptions, etc.…). Company patrols continuously supervise the performance of our security guards.

Mobile Guarding

We provide Body Guarding Services and Escorts for close personal protection of individuals and groups.

Cash and Valuables Conveyance

FSC provides safe and secure conveyance of cash and valuables. These assets are conveyed to their final destination in special vehicles, accompanied by guards.