We offer a variety of electronic security solutions and supplies, as well as integrated security systems and devices, along with related installation, monitoring and maintenance services.

Remote Monitoring Services

Our Monitoring Station operates 24 hours per day. By using a computer supported system of receiving and transmitting signals, any normal alarm system can become a monitored system linked to the said station.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems and fire alarms for residential homes and commercial centers.

Intruder Detection System (IDS) and Fire Detection Systems (FDS)

The IDS & FDS offered by the Company are designed to meet the exact requirements of each customer. They are reliable and cost effective and have been designed as simple and user-friendly system. They can be controlled through and from our central monitoring station. The system can include a key-switch or push- button that arms/disarms it. The IDS will initiate an audio-visual alarm after detecting a suspicious situation. You can call the system to arm and disarm it, and use it to turn on or off any electrical appliances in your house or office/ property as well.

Surveillance Systems

FSC provides a very extensive range of camera systems and accessories for indoor and outdoor use. These systems may be offered with time lapse video recorders.

Access Control Systems

These systems include time and attendance devices for staff, integrated access controls, biometric fingerprint readers, proximity reader cards, etc.…