Alarm Systems

Alarm systems and fire alarms for residential homes and commercial Centers..

Control Panels

PAS8XX series panels are designed for small businesses and individual property protection. Currently these models are manufactured: PAS808M, PAS816, PAS832 that control 8, 16, 32 intrusion detection sensors (zones) respectively. All models can protect up to 4 partitions and, depending on the model of panel, panels can be controlled by 5 or 31 users. More technical information can be found by clicking on the menu bar black box "Control panels".

LCD Keypads

alarm system can be controlled by a wall-mounted LCD keypad, or GSM phone, if the system contains a GSV6 module. Currently, the manufactured KM20 and KM24 series are produced with LCD display and 20 or 24 keys on the keyboard. The main use of LCD keypads is to allow the user to arm and disarm the alarm system, show the state of the system or allow the installer change system settings.

Expansion modules

Expansion modules are only used in the case where control panel and LCD keypad are not able to ensure the desired system functionality. The use of expansion modules increases the number of zones and programmable outputs (PGM) in the alarm system. Other expansion modules allow the system to be controlled by RFID tags or remote controls units. More technical information can be found by clicking on the menu bar black box "Expansion modules".


The main use of communicators is to inform the user or the CMS about an alarm in the protected premises. The alarm report can be transmitted via phone line, GSM network, internet or devices with radio signal transmitting possibilities. GSM communicators interact with smart-phone applications, where information on who turn the alarm system on or off is shared with the user, bringing additional comfort and convenience.

Alarm messages receiver

RCR is a reciever that receives alarm messages (reports) that are sent to it via internet or phone line. Reports are saved in the buffer and, using serial interface, transferred to the CMS computer, where these reports are monitored by CMS operator. RCR can contain up to 8 LC2 PSTN cards.

GSM Control panel with 6 zones

Performs all necessary functions and is suited for the protection of apartments, offices, summer houses or garages. The control panel is controlled via homeline phone or via GSM phone. Upon calling the control panel number, the user will hear the voice guidance information about possible actions (commands) for alarm system control. Smart phone users can download the Android or iOS applications for system control. More technical information can be found below.

Video Communicator

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